My Articles on the Civil War and Southern Heritage

Michael T. Griffith


The Southern Side of the Civil War


Proof that the Union was Supposed to be Voluntary


Some Surprising Facts About the Confederacy


The Confederacy, the Union, and the Civil War: A Look at Four Claims About the War Between the States


From the History Books: Facts that Support the Southern View of the Civil War 


Missing History: Omissions in James McPherson's Book The Battle Cry of Freedom


Abraham Lincoln, the North, and Secession: Questions for Lincoln Defenders 


Slavery and Southern Independence: Did the Confederacy Deserve to Survive?


Jefferson Davis: His Character, Leadership Style, and Race Relations


Was Abraham Lincoln a Conservative and a Christian?


A Condensed Look at the Southern Side of the Civil War


Suggestions for Southern Heritage Defenders


Letter to the Editor on the Confederate Battle Flag


Review of Charles Lunsford's Video The South Speaks Out


A Response to Attacks on Confederate Symbols and History



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