I believe the articles below thoroughly refute the various 9/11 conspiracy theories. One of these conspiracy theories says President Bush and other top government officials deliberately ignored intelligence information that pointed to impending terrorist attacks by Al Qaeda. Another theory says Al Qaeda had nothing to do with the attacks, that they were carried out by the U.S. military at the behest of the oil industry and the military industrial complex, and that the Pentagon was struck by a cruise missile (and not by a Boeing passenger jet). Which is it going to be? Yet another theory holds that terrorists did indeed fly planes into the World Trade Center but that the Pentagon was struck by a cruise missile that was fired by our own military in order to intimidate Congress! Wouldn't the military have fired the missile at the Congressional Office Building or at the Capital Building if they wanted to intimidate Congress? Why would anyone have thought that firing a missile at the Pentagon would intimidate Congress? And what about the fact that the remains of the passengers on Flight 77 were recovered from the wreckage at the Pentagon? What about the fact that both of Flight 77's black boxes were recovered from the wreckage? What about the fact that numerous witnesses specified that they saw a jetliner approach and/or hit the Pentagon? What about the fact that photos from that day show plane debris near the hole that the jetliner tore into the Pentagon? What about the fact that witnesses saw plane debris in the wreckage? The articles below present evidence that Al Qaeda was responsible for the 9/11 attacks, and they take a critical look at the theory that the Pentagon was not struck by Flight 77.

Answers to Questions Posed by Conspiracy Theorists About the 9/11 Attack on the Pentagon

An Engineer and a Physicist Refute the Theory that a Missile Hit the Pentagon on 9/11

New Simulation Shows 9/11 Plane Crash with Scientific Detail. Scientific animated simulation showing that a Boeing 757 could indeed have done the damage that was done to the Pentagon.

September 11 Pentagon Attack Simulations Using LS-Dyna. Another scientific computer simulation of the Crash of Flight 77 into the Pentagon, with additional scientific commentary showing that the "official" version of the Pentagon attack is entirely plausible

No Airliner Crash at the Pentagon?

USA Today Site on 9/11 Pentagon Attack (Very Good Graphics and Text Explaining the Damage and the Crash)

Refutation of the Theory that A Missile Struck the Pentagon on 9/11

Al Qaeda Admits It Was Behind the 9/11 Attacks

Debunking the Bunk About 9/11

Oil Conspiracy Redux

What the President Knew and When He Knew It

Why the WTC Towers Collapsed So "Quickly"

Dissecting Disinformation: The "No Boeing 757" Theory

9/11 Denial

Dissonance About the 9/11 Attacks

French Buy Into 9/11 Conspiracy

Detainees Reveal Bin Laden's Reaction to 9/11 Attacks

Egyptians Knew of Planned 9/11 Attacks

One Member of Buffalo Al Qaeda Sleeper Cell Knew About 9/11 Plan

CIA Director George Tenet on the Terrorist Activities that Preceded the 9/11 Attacks

Cynthia McKinney's Insanity and Hypocrisy

When 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Go Bad

What DIDN'T Really Happen

The 9/11 X-Files

9/11 Chronology

How the Left Caused the 9/11 Attacks


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