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Now available on CD: A Power Point documentary on the Civil War from a Southern perspective. The presentation is entitled The Civil War: A Southern View of the War Between the States


The presentation is an interactive Power Point slide documentary on the Civil War.It presents facts that most textbooks leave out.  It features music throughout the presentation and includes dozens of pictures.  Judging from the trial runs that I've done with friends and family, it takes anywhere from 30-45 minutes to go through the presentation, depending on how fast the person reads and how long he or she spends looking at the pictures.  Itís an ideal tool for home schoolers (probably for ages 10 and up).


The presentation is divided into the following subject sections:


-- Little-Known Facts

-- Secession

-- The Confederate States of America

-- Fort Sumter and the Start of the War

-- Abraham Lincoln and Dissent in the North

-- Total War Against the South

-- States Rights and the Founding of America

-- Final Thoughts, which is a new essay of mine on the bias of most textbooks, slavery and the war, the real causes of the war, the North's motives for invading, the impact of the war on our form of government, and other issues.


The price of the CD is $7, which includes the CD itself, a hard plastic CD case, and shipping and handling.  To order the CD online with PayPal, go to the following page:


If you'd like a copy of the CD but don't have a PayPal account and don't want one, you can e-mail me ( and we'll work out another arrangement.  Basically, I'll ask you to send me a money order for $6.50.  (I'll only charge $6.50 for money order purchases instead of the $7 price for PayPal purchases because PayPal charges me a transaction fee for each purchase.)Regardless of how you order, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery (although most orders will be filled in about one week).


Note: You must have Microsoft Power Point on your computer in order to view the presentation.


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