Why I Support Ron Paul


Michael T. Griffith, 2007


Some of the reasons that I'm supporting Ron Paul:


-- Ron Paul is the only true champion of the Constitution in the race.  That is, he's the only true constitutionalist in the race.


-- Ron Paul is the only candidate in the race who advocates the kind of foreign policy that our founding fathers taught and practiced.


-- Ron Paul is the only candidate in the race who understands the need to return to a sound currency, to a currency that is backed by precious metals or by other real assets, and to stop the Federal Reserve from printing money that has no backing.


-- Ron Paul is for ending the war in Iraq and bringing our troops home--for the right reasons and in the right way.


-- Ron Paul strongly supports homeschooling and would extend tax credits--not vouchers, but tax credits--to parents who homeschool their children.  Perhaps this is why Ron Paul has been endorsed by so many homeschooling associations.


-- Ron Paul supports school choice and ending the monopoly of government schools.


-- Ron Paul is the only candidate in the race who understands and supports the Christian concept of just war.  This is one reason that he advocates the same kind of foreign policy that our founding fathers taught and practiced.


-- Ron Paul is the only candidate who advocates abolishing a host of unnecessary, wasteful, and unconstitutional federal agencies, such as the Department of Education and the Department of Energy (both of which were established under Jimmy Carter in the 1970s).


-- Ron Paul has a sensible proposal for providing Social Security and Medicare benefits to those who are currently on them, or who are about to be on them, while gradually phasing out those programs and allowing individuals to invest in private accounts.


-- Ron Paul is the only candidate who advocates closing down our overseas military bases and using the savings from those closures to reduce the deficit and to fund necessary programs here at home.


-- Ron Paul, being a champion of the Constitution, strongly supports our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms.


-- Ron Paul  has expressed clear, strong support for reversing federal-court-imposed  bans on prayer in school, Bible reading in school, school Nativity plays, etc., etc.  He rightly believes that such issues should be left to state and local communities.  He supports legislation that would prohibit federal courts, including the Supreme Court, from even hearing cases on these issues.  He correctly notes that the founding fathers never dreamed that any federal court would twist the First Amendment to mean that we couldn't have prayer in school, or Bible reading in school, or Nativity plays in school, etc., etc. 


-- Ron Paul is the only candidate who wants to abolish the IRS, eliminate the income tax, and not replace the income tax with a stiff national sales tax.  He opposes the Fair Tax plan because it would impose a 23 percent national sales tax in place of current federal taxes.  He believes we can abolish the income tax and many other federal taxes without resorting to a huge national sales tax if we simply reduce the size of government.  Experts have pointed out that if we abolished the income tax, the federal government would still have enough revenue from other sources (tariffs, user fees, gas tax, etc.) to operate with the same level of funding that it did just ten years ago.


-- Ron Paul voted for the Defense of Marriage Act and believes states should be able to ban gay marriage and not be forced to recognize gay marriages from other states.


-- Ron Paul is strongly pro-life and would appoint judges who would strictly follow the Constitution. 


-- Ron Paul rejects the idea that we must give up civil liberties to be secure.