Mitt Romney’s Mixed Record


Obviously, Mitt Romney is not my first pick, but I could support him if he got the nomination.  There is much in Romney’s record that is praiseworthy.  He did do a good job of holding the line on spending in Massachusetts, even though he had to deal with a very liberal legislature.  He also worked hard to streamline government and to make it more efficient.  Not once did he raise the state income tax or the sales tax.  He was also good on issues relating to illegal immigration.  In addition, his recent speech on religion and politics was outstanding.  He showed a good understanding of America’s religious heritage.  There are other bright spots in his record.  However, there are definitely some black spots on his record as well.  There are things in his record that justifiably worry conservatives about how he would govern as President.  I will first present articles that take a critical look at Romney’s record.  Then I will present articles that defend his record.


Articles Critical of Romney’s Record
















           Defenses of Romney’s Record